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The Amazing Training System
That Gets you Slim, Toned, &
Healthy - FAST!

If you've never worked with kettlebells - you're in for a treat. It's a fun, unique workout that burns fat, builds lean muscle, and leaves you feeling great. Even if you have worked with kettlebells - we guarantee you've never done it quite like this.

Strength and Conditioning Training

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Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructors Guide You,
Motivate You, & Get You the Results You're Looking for.

Each of our instructors is certified in
kettlebells. That means they know the best exercises for the fastest results. You'll have fun, get motivated to reach your goals and push past your limits, and burn fat in all of your stubborn trouble spots.

Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Boost Strength, Flexibility, & Stamina

Every class works you from head to toe, with a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. As a result, you'll get stronger, more coordinated, more limber, and more energized.

You'll feel different in your everyday life.
Positive mood changes and reduced stress
are common with our members.

Weight Training

Featured Success Stories

The instructors are amazing and keep us motivated

The Kettlebell classes are a huge part of my training. The instructors are amazing and keep us motivated and are brilliant at developing different workouts each class that can be directly related to any sport or conditioning.

The classes are perfect for everyone because we are always encouraged to work at our individual pace. It's a must do if you are looking to build strength, explosiveness and endurance.

Lou Pinto

My arms AND legs got toned and strong, fast!

I was hesitant about trying kettlebells since I've never had much upper body strength. I feared my arms would bulk up and I wouldn't get any cardio.

Much to my surprise, this class not only got me sweating and my heart pumping, but in a short amount of time my arms AND legs were becoming toned and strong.

And the best part of all is that the class is fun! One year later, I am still swinging. So glad I added this to my workout regime.

Alyssa Sharpe

Each class leaves me feeling stronger

Adding kettlebell training to my fitness schedule has been the best choice for me. I saw and felt results quickly. Each class leaves me feeling stronger and more powerful.

Kettlebell training is the perfect way to work on my form, gain strength, and set challenges and goals for myself. The instructors and others attending class are always inspiring and encouraging!

Christina Grant

My body got tighter and stronger and I fit more comfortably in my clothes.

I love taking kettlebell class because after the first week I've noticed changes with my body. Muscle burns fat! I worked muscles I didn't know I had.

My body got tighter and stronger and I fit more comfortably in my clothes.

I'm definitely addicted to this workout, and more confident! I think most women think they will get bulky by lifting weights but that's totally not true.

Christine Sumowski

6 Weeks Later I’m Thinner, Stronger, and Fitter Than Ever

Within a month and half of training, I reduced my body weight and started to notice an increased in my strength and cardio capacity with no aggravation to previous injuries.

All the instructors are fun, friendly, and always encourage you to push yourself but at YOUR OWN pace.

I look forward to each work out because every session is different. I sometimes wonder on the way to class, what we will be doing that day. This suspense gets me excited because I know it’ll be fun yet challenging.

Chris Grimes

The fat just melted off. I’m stronger & leaner than ever.

I have increased my muscle mass, and become lean. The fat just melted off because kettlebells is not only is a great strengthening workout, it's a great cardio workout too.

My favorite thing to say is “You can look strong, but are you strong??” Well today if you saw me with a kettle bell you would be surprised!! I look strong, and I am strong because of it.

Denise Mikolike

We are a team and a happy family here! Come join us!

Kettlebells keeps things different and new. Not to mention it gives me a challenge. I like the fact that I'm lifting weights that strengthen every part of my body. I can up the weight whenever I feel comfortable.

I truly love what I do with the people I do it with!! We are a team and a happy family here!!! Come join us!

Jacci Bova

Frequently Asked Questions about Russian Kettlebell Training

Where is The Martial Arts Arena Strength and Conditioning Located? We are located at The Martial Arts Arena fitness facility in Matawan, New Jersey! The address is 74-76 Route 79, Matawan, NJ.

Do I Need Any Prior Kettlebell Experience? Not at all! Our bootcamps and classes are completely progressive – meaning we teach you exactly everything you need to know to safely and effective workout with kettlebells! We take great pride in being a "movement first" based system – meaning our first priority is safety and to help you develop perfect form.

Most people who start our bootcamp have never even touched a kettlebell – but quickly fall in love with it!

What If I'm REALLY Out Of Shape? When you join our Strength and Conditioning class, you become a part of something much greater than just a workout program. You become part of an incredibly supportive and encouraging community. I have helped literally thousands of people of all shapes and sizes get into the best shape of their life. Our system is progressive and will work for ANYONE who commits to it. You will never be expected to do more than what you are currently capable of, and unlike most other group fitness classes you will never feel embarrassed or left behind.

Do I Need To Bring My Own Kettlebell? Nope! The The Martial Arts Arena is fully equipped with all of the equipment you will need – including the best kettlebells that money can buy! All you need to bring is yourself and a positive attitude!

Can I Bring a Friend? Absolutely. Actually, we've found that beginners that start with a friend tend to get better results faster!

Get Our Class Schedule, Prices & Web Specials.

*We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!

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